American Express & Xbox Change Console Advertising

Xbox and American Express have teamed up to offer automatic real-world rewards for playing Halo 4 — connecting, as the company said, “interactive entertainment with offline benefits.”

It’s a promo for what AmEx calls its Card Sync technology. By connecting your American Express card to your Xbox identity, you can earn coupons and even “cash” rewards in the form of credits on your card.

Once your card is synced with your Xbox account, everything just happens. Any rewards that come your way can be viewed on your American Express dashboard on your Xbox 360 and are automatically added to your credit card statements.

“There are no coupons, no printout, no codes,” said Berland. “It all happens seamlessly.”

How It Began

Tasked with figuring out a way American Express could get into the IPTV space. I worked with the media, planning, and technology teams to rapidly build a prototype on the Xbox platform that leveraged American Express entertainment properties. The prototype was well received and paved the way for American Express to work with Microsoft on the HALO 4 launch. Microsoft was so impressed with the prototype they used it as a case study, demonstrating what was capable on the platform.

Card Sync

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