We have a real issue at hand. Mermaids are disappearing! So, SpikedSeltzer will ask America to help #SaveTheMermaids by hijacking our new favorite emojis 🧜🏻‍♀️

The Assignment

Own the mermaid. No, I’m not kidding.

Charlie, an active, adventurous and intuitive 25-44-year old woman with refined tastes. Currently drinks wine and clear spirits and may not know about hard seltzers. Her passion points are the outdoors & hanging out by the water

We want her to choose Spiked Seltzer – the one with the mermaid – as their go-to drink this summer.

Social Channel Activism​

Every person that tweets #SaveTheMermaids with a mermaid or merman emoji, SpikedSeltzer will donate to the Surfrider Foundation beach clean-ups.

We’ll also surprise and delight active mermaid savers with Spiked swag and coupons. Reminding them to grab the one with the mermaid.

Follow Your Siren

We all know that ads don’t translate to consumer lifestyle coverage.
So, we need to go beyond replicating ad content to stretch outside marketing/trade media.

And, to make it newsworthy, we must news-jack pop culture and trends of the moment.