By using humor, cartoon graphics, and deft copywriting to associate its product with the event in an unusual way, Excedrin created a Promoted Trend campaign that focused on one thing common across all political beliefs: political debates can give you a headache.

Innovating in the Crowded Social Space

The ‎#DebateHeadache campaign played to the idea that, by the time this debate occurred, even the most enthusiastic political junkies were in need of some assistance.


 was an unqualified success, producing huge increases in brand awareness for  and a considerable amount of positive response. In the middle of a contentious political campaign filled with vitriol, it acknowledged the realities of modern politics without becoming part of them. In addition to performing well for the brand, the campaign was acknowledged by many as an excellent example of how a brand can use a controversial event for marketing without becoming part of the problems associated with it.

  “won the debate before it even started,” according to CNN.


  • Silver Clio – Public Relations (Health & Wellness)
  • Cannes Bronze Lion – PR Health & Wellness
  • PRWeek U.S. 2018 Award – Consumer Healthcare
  • PRWeek U.S. 2018 Award – Social