Create. Consume. Repeat. | YouTube Channel

The growing popularity of mobile video, influencers and the continued dominance of YouTube, makes it all the more important for advertisers to understand what it takes to be a creator. So, I harnessed all my skills in copywriting, art directing, cinematography and editing to launch Create. Consume. Repeat.

Celebrating Art, Technology, & Nerd Culture

Everywhere we look in real life and online, nerd culture has become mainstream.

The Scientific Reasons Why We Love Hard Video Games

A close look at the psychology behind our love of difficult, rage inducing video games.

Inclusion, Diversity and Killer Art Direction

Only a few of the things that make Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse so great.

Who Will Help Us Navigate an Uncertain Future

The creative minds we should look toward for guidance when navigating the future.

What It Takes to Make Each Episode

Start to finish each episode is a one man labor of love. From written page to final upload on YouTube.