Drink Wiser | Super Bowl Launch

Millennials are far more aware and responsible than other generations were at their age, so they don’t need to be warned about the dangers. Finger wagging is less effective than reinforcing and rewarding their good habits.  So, we approached this less like a warning, and more like a recognition of what’s right.


Refresh the responsible drinking message platform for 2018 with an action/activation that better aligns to the current brand voice. And inspire consumers to agree that: “Budweiser is a brand that cares”

Leveraging a Winning Partnership

We proposed addressing  the curious connection between traffic fatalities in a given city on days with NFL home games by leveraging the ongoing Uber partnership.

Placement is Everything

Those who choose to Drinkwiser truly enjoy the occasion, which means those around them do too. No drama. No hassles. No regrets. Just a good time, with some good Buds.