American Express for iPad & Android

The official American Express Mobile App for iPad & Android allowed customers the ability to keep track of their account, pay their bill, dispute charges and view Membership Rewards. What started as a “skunk works” project quickly grew into the driving force and guiding principal behind the redesign and redevelopment of American and all its mobile offerings. 


How it Began​

I lead a small team that reexamined all the pain points of the current experience and concluded that had become frustrating, bloated and obfuscated essential controls. 

Employing rapid prototyping and an Agile Software Development approach we introduced an activity timeline that showed the latest transaction information, Membership Rewards and multiple accounts into a single streamlined experience. 

Round 01 - All on the Table

Everything from the site, rearranged into something that resembled a tablet experience. Crowded and not user friendly.

Round 02 - Sculpting

In my next iteration I began to discard non-essential controls and menus. It was also the first time I introduced the activity timeline.

The End Result